PSN Code Generator

PSN Code Generator

PSN Code Generator – 2014

With the beginning of new year we bring you some good news , we are back with our giveaways after almost 6 months, and now we even have some of the best sponsors that we could not get before. We also merged with some of the other great giveaway websites to make this truly amazing website for all our members where they can enjoy the best gift card giveaways. Not only that ,but we also improved our giveaway system with the online version and psn code generator download is no longer required, you can do everything on our website. It is also a part of our daily giveaway and you will be able to get free psn codes every day if you are an active member, but we believe that all our members should get the chance for playstation network card codes so we decided to have a certain amount of codes every day that will be dedicated to all members that use psn card generator, and for those active ones that like, share and tweet we will have even more psn card codes. Lets talk more about it and after that we can talk more about monthly giveaways.

What is PSN Code Generator and the Giveaway ?

When we first started we wanted our giveaways to be available to anyone but at the same time we wanted that our active members get better chance of getting the codes and we dedicate more free psn cards to active members. This is how we ended up with psn code generator , with its early steps being the downloadable version , and now with the web based version of it. It is rather a handy tool then a generator but we like to call it that way since in the first stages members called it that way. Its the part of our daily giveaway system where all the psn codes that are donated by sponsors and community are given away to our members. This is why we are the giveaway website with the longest tradition, even though we were not around for some time. The free PlayStation Network card codes are added every day to our databases which are separated to 10, 20 and 50 $ or euro depending on region. Here is how the new psn card generator looks like and where you can start using it and join our free PSN cards daily giveaway.

Here you can use PSN Code Generator Online

 Alternatively you can use our downloadable PSN card generator and use it on your PC


PSN Code Generator

This is a photo of PSN Code Generator where you can choose your type of code and optionally like and share to gain more activity points

Guide for using the Free PSN Code Generator Online version

  1. Start by entering your Name and email so we can send you the code to that email
  2. Click Generate database
  3. Like, tweet and recommend on google + to get bonus activity points
  4. Choose between 10, 20 and 50$ PSN codes
  5. Click connect to database (Optionally you can Like , tweet and Google + to gain bonus activity points)
  6. Get access to that database and confirm once you download the key
  7. Click Get code and wait while it calculates the likes and shares, after which you will get the psn code on your email

Get More Activity Points for Daily Online Giveaway and Join the Premium Giveaway as well


About the activity points , entries and giveaway system

Activity points or entries are something we use in our giveaway system to measure which member was active part of our community by liking our posts , sharing them on facebook and generally posting on different social sharing sites like Pinterest, digg and others. We also have a cool tool that we use to keep track of entries and all entries are at the end calculated towards the monthly free psn codes giveaway where we reward the most active members with bonus PSN codes and other gift cards. Also by gaining these activity points you are more likely to get more valuable codes in the daily giveaways via free PSN code generator, so you get double benefit.

Every member that joins our daily giveaway gets bonus entries and increased gain of  activity points for the first week, this is just to give our new members a bit of boost.

More information about PSN code generator 2013 and previous versions

PSN Card Generator

One of our previous versions of PSN Card Generator before we changed to Online version, this one is still available for download and working perfectly

There was a lot of time and effort invested in the development of the version that you are able to use now and we are proud of that , no other website similar to ours can say that they invested so much to bring the tool almost to perfection. While the old versions had to be downloaded and they had some issues with mac users they were quite the revolution in the giveaway software development. It was able to calculate the activity of all members that join the giveaway and unlock the free psn codes list according to the number of activity points. The later versions of PSN code generator also provided activity points just for participating in the giveaway so that all members eventually get the free psn cards they desire. Also if you have iPhone or any other Apple products then check out the iTunes gift card generator or if you own Xbox 360 go to Microsoft points codes  post and get those codes instead.


  1. My bro found this , and he told me that he saw something similar few days ago, but i personally like the online generator much more

    • Nice, never saw anything like this , its better then all of those downloadable generators

  2. This is quite interesting , i was searching for this thing without having to download it to my PC. My first week and i got 20 and 10$ codes :)

  3. Its still working great , not many people know about this blog to be honest


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