iTunes Gift Card Generator

iTunes Gift Card Generator

iTunes Gift Card Generator – 2014 Giveaway

Now that our other giveaways have become live we want to give you some good news because we once again found an awesome sponsor to host our free free iTunes Gift Card Codes giveaway and this time its one of the best sponsors available meaning we will be able to provide much more free gift cards then ever before. One other important thing is that we have updated our iTunes gift card generator to the Online version, now its part of the giveaway platform and does not require any downloads, you will be able to do everything from our website, its very simple and interesting. But before we explain it in detail lets first see what iTunes card generator is.

More information about iTunes Gift Card Generator and its features

Just like our other software that started as a simple hack program back in the day, it became the platform for our giveaways since we realized that not only that it is a legit way to provide free iTunes Gift Card Codes to our members but it was also becoming increasingly tougher to maintain the hack programs. Some of our lead developers worked on those previous projects of iTunes code generator and continue to work on it but with a bit of change, namely it will now be used only to calculate activity points and to keep track of all the codes as well as update databases automatically. We also added some features to it that many of our members liked, such as activity points, which we will explain in detail later , but for now lets see how the web based version of our iTunes gift card generator looks like and where you can join our giveaways.

Here you can join our giveaway and use the iTunes gift card generator



Instructions on how to use iTunes code generator

  1. Run it with the button above
  2. Generate the database for today and choose your code amount
  3. Optionally Like, tweet  and Google + to access databases that are dedicated to active members
  4. Connect to database and get the access key from the secured server
  5. Enter the key in the field and click verify after which you will be able to claim your code

We also upgraded our iTunes gift card generator with state of the art security to prevent automated queries and software from stealing our codes ,it is routed through the sponsored server and it only needs a minute to verify. Please understand that its required or we risk loosing the codes.

What are the Giveaways and Activity points
Free iTunes gift card codes

Some of Free iTunes gift card codes for the giveaways

Activity points or entries are what we use in our giveaways to keep track of which members are active in contributing to our website by liking on facebook, google +1, tweeting and generally sharing on other popular social sharing sites such as Pinterest, delicious and others. iTunes gift card generator was also designed to keep track of these entries and reward our active members more often with free iTunes gift cards, but that does not mean that our new members do not have a chance , because we always dedicate some codes to our new members and they get special access to those gift cards as well as bonus entries if they decide to like and share.

If you are an active member you will also be able to participate in our monthly giveaway at the end of the month where our most active members will be rewarded not only with iTunes gift card they desire but many other gift cards as well , and to make the things better they also have increased chance to get the code in our daily giveaway via iTunes gift card generator since it generates separate database for active members, so it makes it double benefit.

More info About iTunes card generator

iTunes gift card generator

iTunes gift card generator – Online version

When we first started we did not know where to look for free iTunes Gift Card Codes so we can use them for our giveaway so we turned to some of the developers of the best hacks back in the day to help us and they agreed but over time it has become really hard to maintain the iTunes gift card generator and make it supply so many codes that were requested every day , so we turned to some other sources and found many interested gift card websites that were willing to provide the gift cards that we needed for the giveaway. But then we needed the giveaway platform that will calculate the entries or activity of our members and give much more of our gift cards to active members that share , tweet and post on other social sites and by doing so they are contributing to the community . That is why we gave our old iTunes gift card generator to the developers and they made it into a software that is available on our site directly and does not need downloading it to computer like the previous versions needed, and this also solved many problems that mac users had. The name remained because it was really popular back in the day and its a credit to all the work that was put into it , but in essence we changed it quite a bit and now it is even more popular due to the face that we are able to provide much more free iTunes Gift Card Codes to all our members and the fact that all the codes that we provide with our online version of the iTunes generator are legit and accounts that use it are completely safe. lets take a look at some older versions that we used before :

iTunes code generator

The first version of iTunes code generator that had to be downloaded to computer

iTunes card generator

The second part with separate database for 100$ free iTunes gift card codes


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  1. Love the new online generator :D Got one code with it so far :)


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