Free Xbox Live Codes – Gold Membership

Free Xbox Live Codes – Gold Membership

Xbox Live Code Generator – Online version

Xbox 360 has become very popular gaming console last couple of years and with it the demand for free xbox live codes and microsoft points. Along with our other giveaways we decided to answer the wishes of our members and start the free Xbox live gold giveaway. We also redesigned and updated our giveaway software that we called xbox live code generator, and we will explain later in the post why we decided to stick with this name. But before we continue lets see what features our giveaway has .

What is Xbox live code generator ?

When we decided to make all of our software into a giveaway platforms rather then hacks we did not know that our members will like it so much , mainly because active members can now get much more free xbox live codes then before , since the hack software was limited. We also realized that finding a good sponsor is much easier now and we managed to get some of the best gift card sponsors available to host our giveaway for free xbox points. The main purpose of the xbox live generator is to calculate the activity of our members and give even more codes to the members that liked on facebook , tweeted and recommended on google+ . If you are a new member and you do not have any entries , don’t worry since you will have access to the dedicated free xbox live codes that we have just for the new members . You will also have an option to share our pages and join the active members and have a chance to win much more codes every day. Xbox live code generator is now web based and that means you dont need to download it to your computer , you can do everything from our website. We will explain in detail how to use it, its rather simple software that searches our databases for free Xbox live gold codes and gives them to our members when they request it. Here is how it looks like

Here you can join our daily giveaway via Xbox live code generator

Go to our Free Microsoft points post to get codes like 1600,4000 and 6000 MS Points

How to use Xbox live code generator

  1. Run it above from our website online
  2. Enter the email and click generate database (if button is not changing click on empty space)
  3. Like , Tweet and Google + our page to gain access to the special databases
  4. Choose 1,3,6 or 12 months database
  5. Gain access but downloading you access key from sponsors server , put it in the field and confirm
  6. Click get code and let it check your activity points
  7. Enjoy !

More about Free Xbox Live codes giveaway

free xbox points

We started our giveaways about a year ago , but we had some trouble finding a good sponsor for XBL codes, but that changed when we got a word from one of the biggest dealers of gift cards that they want to host some of our giveaways . We have to thank one of our members for writing about our website on his blog , because the sponsor saw his post and decided to contact us. Now we are able to provide much more codes then before. We also had some suggestions from fans that they think its good that new members have a better chance of getting the codes as well as active members who share , like and contribute to our site in that way, you have no idea how much that means.  That is why we changed our Xbox live code generator to have dedicated database just for new members that just joined and also if they decide to like or share give them access to even more free Xbox live codes that we have for our active members. Also, by being active you will have a chance to win in the monthly giveaway that we have at the end of each month for our active members who have the most entries. That is the most loved feature by our members since by being active you have double chance to get free xbox points , one of them being the daily giveaway where we give out a certain number of codes each day via our xbox live generator and some of the codes are left for the end of the month giveaway.

The making of Xbox live code generator was rather interesting and it was made by the same developers that made it a while back when it was a hack. Now they decided to join with us and change the software completely so it will be used in legit purposes. The name remained because it was very popular among the members back then. Its also important to know that all the free Xbox live codes that are given to us by sponsors and its 100% legit source of codes so all the accounts are completely safe. If you are owner of the Playstation 3 you might want to check out our PSN Code Generator as well.

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